RELX四代無限 - 煙機(單機)5種顏色
  • RELX四代無限 - 煙機(單機)5種顏色
  • RELX四代無限 - 煙機(單機)5種顏色
  • RELX四代無限 - 煙機(單機)5種顏色
  • RELX四代無限 - 煙機(單機)5種顏色
  • RELX四代無限 - 煙機(單機)5種顏色

RELX四代無限 - 煙機(單機)5種顏色

RELX四代無限 - 煙機(單機)5種顏色


RELX四代無限 - 煙機(單機)5種顏色


無線充電超長續航內置磁吸充電接口:無需對準插線,放下即充,後續多樣配件解鎖更多。智能穩定控溫:把霧化芯 煙彈溫度值控制在230℃左右,提升加熱穩定性,讓煙變得更加細膩有質感,入喉非常順滑更有口感
防漏矽膠:更貼合包裹霧化芯,能更有效防止煙油從儲油倉滲出,使用獨得的 11層超長迷宮式結構,鎖住霧化倉中的冷凝液及煙液。  0.35mm防油網:煙油在0.35mm大小孔位所形成的液體表面張力正好抵銷重力,配合周圍的棉墊形成最後隔斷與眾不同結構創新根源防漏,使四代的防漏油功能更為出色





Type-C USB 充電綫x1

原廠4 代無限煙彈(17種口味)
美國 LUX 4代通用煙彈(9種口味)
Troy 4代通用煙彈(8種口味)

Wireless charging ultra-long battery life Built-in magnetic charging interface: no need to align the plug, just put it down to charge, and unlock more subsequent accessories. Intelligent and stable temperature control: control the temperature value of the atomizing core and the cartridge at around 230 °C, improve the heating stability, make the smoke more delicate and textured, and enter the throat very smoothly and tastefully.
Ergonomic ratio: After 26 precise modeling adjustments, the rounded concave curve comfortably wraps the lip beads and lip peaks, with a strong sense of fit, and does not care about the mouth and does not leak air.
Specially researched formula: RELX has specially formulated the e-liquid formula for the "Infinite Series". In addition to the more obvious taste layering, the smoke will converge into a group, and it will have a rich taste in the mouth.
Leak-proof silicone: It is more suitable for wrapping the atomizing core, which can more effectively prevent the seepage of e-liquid from the oil storage tank. The unique 11-layer ultra-long labyrinth structure is used to lock the condensate and e-liquid in the atomizing chamber. 0.35mm oil-proof net: The surface tension of the liquid formed by the 0.35mm hole of the e-liquid just offsets the gravity, and cooperates with the surrounding cotton pad to form the final partition with a unique structure. better

Product Specifications:

Battery cigarette rod x1

Battery capacity: 380mAh

Maximum battery charging current: 700mA

Type-C USB charging cable x1

The host can use the following pods:
Original 4th generation unlimited cartridges (17 flavors)
U.S. LUX 4th generation universal pod (9 flavors)
Troy 4th generation universal pod (8 flavors)